Jason Raywood - Spirit of Chances

A little white scoundrel that like to see his odds


Type Aspect
High Concept Somone who like to see life as a game
Dificuldade Play by the book, even when cheating
  Knows how to fold is also an possibility
  Learn very fast every game
  “I’ll make my hand. Take care of yours!”


Approach Level
Careful Good (+3)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Mediocre (+0)
Forceful Average (+1)
Quicky Average (+1)
Sneaky Fair (+2)

Centurion Stunt

Common Stunts [ Refresh: 3 ]


Jason could pass through as a common boy, beside his sneaky face, of someone that had already got into high stake bets. Otherwise, he’s a common boy, brown haired and average heighted, with common clothes.


Jason is a honest liar, period. He plays the game and dance the dance, always analysing his chances to get away of this alive and (preferably) with some profit. However, don’t take him as a mean people: he never play har with those who are in a worse situation and he’s always for helping people


Jason was born in Lousiana, a land of, some people says, faith and sin. New Orleans was always a center of religion and a center of sin and seduction, as someone says. In this land, Olivier and Marie Raywood were some of the biggest predators in the card tables. No pne won them in the poker. Many myths came about them, including some about pacts with demons, loas and vodoun, but the fact was they just knew how to avail their chances of win or lose and know how to deal with this with the better profit.

It was in January 1st, 1901 that Marie, while still playing poker, felt the first contraptions and, in a few seconds, gave birth for the son she was expecting, that she called Jason.

With time, little Jason was always showing his talent for games, winning against other kids, older, more experienced and bigger than himself into every kind of game: Ludo, Chess, Draughts, etc…

But in fact he had impressed a weird, Sino-English man, that challenge his parents into a serie of games: whist, bridge, Canasta, Rummy, Brazilian Buraco, and, in the end, poker. Even playing many of them for the first time, Jason has gone very well, in the end hitting the pot in poker with a Royal Straight Flush.

This man, Charles (Choi) Li-Ang, didn’t made himself abashed and put a new game in the table, that neither Jason not his parents had ever played: half domino, half poker, it was very complex. The objective: form a hand composed of four groups of stones from the same suit, either by three or four equal stones, or by a sequence, and a pair of equal stones, by using stones taken from a wall of stones built around the table or by stealing stones the other players discarded.

Charles imagined that he would take the family of beters using Mahjong, a complex game they certainly didn’t dominated.

They didn’t counted, however, with Jason: after four rounds with victories of Charles, Jason won a round with a simple hand. However, his next two hands were some rare hands that she asked about to Charles: the Seven Pairs and the rarer Thirteen Orphans.

It was when Charles revealed his objectiv: he was in search of a potential 20th Century Spirit, people with excepcional capabilities and a adventure lust, both of them Jason have, And it was with some sadness that Charles brought Jason to the New York Chapter of the Century Club, while he teached Jason into lots of game that he sooner dominated.

In the travel, another important feat was when, while passing in Chicado, Jason was challenged by one of the city’s Triads for a Mahjong game. A high stake table, sactionated either by Charles and by Jade Lotus leader, Master Lingyu.

During the game, at least in two situations, Jason noted their adversaries where cheating. Obviously he could reveal the cheating, but he decided that, if that was fair game for them, it was also from him, and he learned very fast on how to cheat and won using the same cheats their adversaries did. When the Triad’s thugs accused him, he revealed the round, the play and the cheat they used, all of them, putting the goons under big shame, even more that Master Lingyu knew and was respected by the Triad Dragon Head, or Mountain Master, the Triad’s supreme leader.

And it was when he came to the Century Club, and accepted to put his life under stake into preposterous bets with his life and many others’ under the stake. After all, life is a game.