Dumont (Real Name: André Macedo Luis)

A Sample Character for Wearing the Cape

André Luis was always a dreamy kid, reading all kind of old-fashioned space opera and science fiction books, from Jules Verne till Perry Rhodan. But his real life hero was in fact Santos-Dumont, the brazilian who made the first aeroplanes that could get out the ground by his own, with 14 Bis and Demoiselle, the first that was really closed.

During the Event, he was working into a experimental jet turbine, part of a graduation work when the Event happened. When he woke up, he saw some people from a bus that fell in the river next him. They had get out the bus, but needed to be rescued.

He just came with the idea to put some superglue on the turbine, put a jacket over it and put this thing on his back.

It was the first version of his own “Demoiselle”.

People didn’t understood from where he came, but he was able to take back people and, when the bus was a little lighter from people, to use the jetpack to help himself to pull over the bus back to the earth, saving people.

With time, he was contacted by Heroes Without Borders to help them: Verne-types are very dear for HWB, specially those multifocused as André. Then, he chosed to homage his inspiration in life to be an inspiration himself: now he’s known as Dumont, dressed on 1930s elegant clothes, a good Swiss analogic wristwatch and the iconic Fedora Santos-Dumont used and now he uses as a crest.

He likes many types of technology, but specially those who looks “pulp-era”: in fact, he’s too much anachronist, disliking computers or cellphones, using it only as much as really needed. He writes with a fountain pen in paper as much as he wants, with lots of projects drawn on it, using his flamboyant calligraphy.

No matter what happens, Dumont is always in his “hero costume”: the 1930 suit, the Fedora Hat he styled as his hero one’s, and he uses as crest (sometimes exchanged by a aviator’s hat) and goggles. He also uses a special holder that helps him to put Demoiselle, his so-called “back-jet”, a jet-pack that unfolds wings and so. He also have on it some afterbuners for special manuevers, a special kind of radar that gives him supersenses, and laser cannons that, sometimes, can be pushed over to provoke a very powerful attack that can bring some pain even for A-Type Atlas or Ajaxes.


Type Aspect
Power Aspect A-Class Verne
Hero Aspect The Flying Dilettante with his Back-Jet
Trouble Overconfident in his Demoiselle
Background Brazilian Pride
Background Weirdly Anachronist


Attribute Level
Alertness Great (+4)
Discernment Superb (+5)
Willpower Great (+4)
Presence Fair (+2)


Skill Level
Academics Good (+3)
Deceive Average (+1)
Drive Fair (+2)
Engineering Good (+3)
Investigate Average (+1)
Provoke Average (+1)
Rapport Average (+1)
Shoot Average (+1)


Attribute Level
Contacts Fair (+2)
Reputation Fair (+2)
Wealth Good (+3)

Stunts [ SFP Remaining: 3 ]

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 2
Mental 4
Resources 2
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1      
Moderate (+4) 1      
Severe (+6) 1