Weird Pawprints?

Stamps: Pen, Tree, Lotus

“Hello, Pilgrims from the Flying Temple!

My name is Masha, and I live on a beautiful planet called Easter! We are known all around the Many Worlds as the planet with the largest population of rabbits and hares all around! In fact, they are our biggest product!

_ Every year, during a certain week, there is a chocolate eggs hunt that show out of nowhere at night. Every day, during week, we hunt for the eggs that appears from the thin air during the previous night. Every night, our parents tell us to stay indoors._

In the last Egg Hunt week, I think I’ve seem a strange creature in the Forest near the house, and I saw strange footprints in the field and in the street. I took some photos from the footprints with my cell phone as a proof.

The Adults says that the Great Rabbit is a lie, a ploy they use when you are small, but I really believe it really exists! Even more, the photo I have of the footprints does not resemble those of an adult! I could tell otherwise!

Anyway, the Egg Hunt Week is coming, so I hope you guys come for it! If not for nothing, the chocolate eggs are delicious, the best chocolate you could even eat. And, besides, you can get some beautiful things done with the best rabbit fur you’ll ever see!

From your friend,