Ibi, Earth Spirit


Type Aspect
High Concept A little Amazonian Native girl that speaks with Mother Earth
Trouble Animals and Nature’s life are as important as our lives
  Juma knows everything about myself and always will be with me
  Vegetarian: don’t eat meat
  Condor Animal Spirit - wants to know more about the world outside


Approach Level
Careful Good (+3)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Mediocre (+0)
Forceful Average (+1)
Quicky Fair (+2)
Sneaky Average (+1)

Centurion Stunt

Common Stunts [ Refresh: 3 ]


Ibi is normal sized for an Amazon native, and uses just a kind of skirt made of leaves, and a little headband with leaves and so. She sometimes use a kind of bra made of leaves. She can also use “white man” clothes when needed.


Ibi values her freedom, Nature and animals. She is curious about the white men ways and about the world outside her tribe, but at the same time she has no patience or respect with those who disrepect the Nature. She still is someway unconfortable with the idea to go to the world outside. She trust even more Juma, a very old but strong shaman for her tribe and the Guardian of the Xivipi Talisman.


Ibi was born (she didn’t know until she was older) in the first strokes of the new century, in her tribe. The Condor crying during her birth was considered a kind of auspice, one that Juma, the local shaman, said she should be raised as a special child for Mother Nature. Ibi learned lots from everyone, specially from Juma, that talked a lot about the white man and on how sooner on later she would get out the tribe, to go to the world outside, to learn and get back, as Juma herself did when she was a lot younger, wiser and stronger in mind and knowledge, to use either white man knowledge and the old time wisdom. And so Ibi waits for the time she’ll get to the world outside.