Amanda Manadou

The Blueblood lady that can deal everything for the needed love from Dystopian Universe


Type Aspect
Class: La Societé/Blueblood
Where does the Wealth and Privilege Come From: The Heir of some companies
What do you want, but you can’t buy: Love and Freedom, real ones
Who do you Rely upon to get you the things you want: Samir, my butler and guard
Who’s looking to usurp your rightful place: Arriety Audraud, my jealous cousin
Why did you join la Résistance? I can deal with everything, even real world


Mean Level
Fight Average (+1)
Manipulate Good (+3)
Maneuver Fair (+2)
Observe Fair (+2)

Stunts [ Refresh: 2 ]


Angry Wounded Depleted Compromised Marked for Death
1 1 1 1 1