Floriane Lobert

The Natural person who hungers for the old times


Type Aspect
Class: Les Exilés/The Natural
Why doesn’t your community use implants of any kind? We don’t need corps messing with our brains
How have you learned to be self-sufficient A life in La Cave is a life of self-learning
Who taught you the skills you buse to survive? My father learned from his father, that learned from his father…
Who has decided you’re a threat? We are the skeletons in L’Ápogée’s wardrobe
Why did you join la Résistance? It’s us or them… So it will be them!


Mean Level
Fight Fair (+2)
Manipulate Average (+1)
Maneuver Fair (+2)
Observe Good (+3)

Stunts [ Refresh: 1 ]


Angry Wounded Person of Interest Blacklisted Marked for Death
1 1 1 1 1