Grace - the Element-tamer

The young Element-tamer from the Fartime Monastery of Umdaar

The Fartime Monastery is one of the most acknowledged center of studies in Umdaar. They were old even befor the Age of Demiurge, and they learned a lot from them at the time.

Neither the Masters of Umdaar would attack the Monastery, because his power and influence at the people of Umdaar. No matter who or what you are, as long you’re civilized, you are welcomed into the Fartime Elysium, a sixty kilometer (37.3 miles) of diameter region with the Monastery at its center, were all physical violence are forbidden. The Monastery has lots of thomes that are the last bastion of the systematic knowledge from the Demiurge and the time before them. No matter incomplete or imprecise it is, this knowledge is fundamental for those who look back the past and forward the future.

Grace is one of those.

Raised from the childhood by the Monastery’s monks and sages, after being left behind in the door one of the peasants that lives in the Elysium, Grace was raised under the severe ways of the study of traditions of the Monastery, including the Element-taming art, almost lost during the Demiurge age. As she grew, she became more and more powerful and versatil, until becoming, at 12, a very powerful Element-taming sage.

However, she decided this was not enough: she wanted to learn about her past and why she was left behind as a child. So she started a quest for information, at the same time she became even more powerful and skillful. With time, she found others that could help her, like Shukul, that saved her from a mutabeast, and Tu’an-Yao, one of the Usato rabbit-men from the Green Valley. And, with time, she chosed to stay with those powerful people, until she finds the answers she were asking for.

Basic Info


Type Aspect
High Concept: An orphan from the Fartime Monastery
Motivation: I must find why I was left in the Monastery
Personal: A superior mind in the midst of weird dangerous things
  Everyone is so nice with me, and they can lean on me
  Still need to control better her Element-taming


Approach Level
Careful: Fair (+2)
Clever: Good (+3)
Flashy: Average (+1)
Forceful: Mediocre (+0)
Quick: Fair (+2)
Sneaky: Average (+1)

Stunts [ Refresh: 2 ]