Joshua McDaggert

A Sample Character for Nest - A World of Adventure

This character follow the Character Creation rules from Fate Core, including the specific things from Nest.

Sometimes, dreamy boys are lost for the world when put into drugs like Ritalin and so on. Joshua, fortunately, had not this destiny: a knack for writing and reading, developed very early in the past, had turned him into a master of the words, either in real world, where he was at least 3 years forward all people in English, and into Nest, when he became the Bard of all Bards, Singer of all songs, travelling from a kingdom to another, learning about the events and stories of all the Heroes from Nest, until he all learned about all things he could before “growing up”.

A sense of prestige came with him: he started to write some lyrics that helped him cash some money to go for a good school, where he get a Major into English, with minors in areas like Linguistics, Philosophy, Classic Literature and Myths. He turned into a very good literary critic, mantaining a If you can’t say anything helpful, say nothing method that was turned into his trademark. At the same time, he started himself to publish some stories that (he don’t know at this time) are inspired into his time in Nest. Those histories still had not earned him the position of the new Mark Twain or J.K.Rowling, but he is doing well, and profit enough to live a somewhat well-estabilished live.

However, somehow, in the corner of his conscious mind, he know Nest is real, and for some reason he hopes for another time there in the deep of his heart.


Kind Aspect
Heroic Concept: Bard of all Bards, Singer of all songs
Mundane Life: Critic and Writer, focused in myths and fantasy
Hook: His inner child is in the corner of his eyes!
  Powerful with words
  If it can be written, I can do!


Level Skill Skill Skill Skill
Great (+4) Lore      
Good (+3) Empathy Rapport    
Fair (+2) Deceive Contacts Investigate  
Average (+1) Will Crafts Athletics Notice

Stunts (not at start)

Talisman (to be recovered)

The Writer’s Pen

An afillated Dove Pen with a sharp point, this is The Pen that hurts more than a Sword because this can be used to do powerful magic with words. The Power of the Words is strong for those who use this, as long as he knows how to. However, it is as dangerous as it’s powerful: writing the wrong words with this Pen is the way for Catastrophe!