Tu’an-Yao - the Usato Monk

The Usato Monk from the Green Valley of Umdaar

The Usato are a pacific people that lives into almost-autossuficient communes in the deep of the Green Valley, a distant region, almost unaffected by the Masters. However this didn’t made them close their eyes for the suffering and evil provoked by the masters.

So, occasionally, anyone can see Usato rangers, warriors, rogues and monks all around Umdaar. They are easily recognized by the long feets, powerful haunches that made them powerful when jumping or kicking, big eyes with big, many time albino-pink, pupils, big faces with big muzzles and nostrils, that some of them uses to discern things by their smells, and big ears that in many of them sizes at least a fifth of their total height, with is a big thing on them, considering the common Usato has no more than 1.60m (5’4” - ears not counting)

Tu’an-Yao is one of those Usato monks: since he finished his basic training as monk, learning also some basic, but useful, mind powers, he was charged by his own order to go around the world, self-discovering and also collecting all kind of knowledge that could help the Usato to better the life of everyone, specially those people near the Green Valley.

He had already crossed loths of places, and found all kind of creatures, including the things that the Demiurge left behind. He even found some friends, like the heir of the Crystal Blade Shukul, and the Numan Rogue Sheila, with whom he allied after some events in the past. As he’s not a very strong fighter, he chosed to stay with Shukul, Sheila and the others, helping them when not at fight.

Tu’an-Yao has an average height for an Usato, being 5’4”, including his 12” ears. He’s not so lean as the typical Usato, being more a chubby Rabbit-man than the leaner Hare-man that Usato normally looks like, but his more agile than he looks. He preferts to dress himself with light clothes with a light blue color. His eyes are from a emerald green, that clashes with the dark gray spot over his right eye, that clashes with his otherwise white fur. He travels lightly, having some little tomes where he notes the events in his travels and the only weapon he have, a chackram, held into a hilt in his belt.

As all the Usato, Tu’an-Yao normally is a pacifist and tries to resolve things using his mind, that he trusts more: not only because the knowledges he collected in this time, but also in his negotiation skills and mind powers. He can’t go up with injustice and he have a place in his heart for the weaker. In fact, there’s a flame that is hidden on his emerald eyes that explodes when he sees powerful people abusing from the weaker: the Usato has a fame of powerful fighters when pushed on, and even the Masters avoids do this.

Basic Information


Type Aspect
High Concept: A Wise Monk with mind powers
Motivation: I must obtain even more knowledge to protect people
Personal: Wanderlust - In a voyage of self-knowledge
  Shukul has the strength to chance the world… He just needs the Wisdom
  Sheila is still very childish and need to learn to refrain herself


Approach Level
Careful: Fair (+2)
Clever: Good (+3)
Flashy: Mediocre (+0)
Forceful: Average (+1)
Quick: Fair (+2)
Sneaky: Average (+1)

Stunts: [Refresh: 2]