Esther Sheridan

A New York High Society Lady, Century Club Sponsor and Melissa Cartway tutor


Type Aspect
High Concept An expatriated English lady, and Headmaster of Madam Sheridan’s Orphan’s House And Boarding School
Trouble My life is my Boarding School and Melissa
  Maxima potentia persona, Educatio est (Education is someone’s ultimate weapon)
  Everything is fair enough to make everyone receive a good education
  The Century Club is all about courtesy, respect and human growing


Approach Level
Careful Fair (+2)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Good (+3)
Forceful Average (+1)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Good (+3)

Stunts [ Refresh: 3 ]


Esther Sheridan is already a somewhat old lady, but still beautiful and gracious, a English lady through and through that brought some sensation in the growing New Yorker High Society and jet-set. As part of the Century Club, she works through his school, the Madam Sheridan’s Orphan’s House And Boarding School. She’s always dressed into a sober way, without luxury, but she can extract elegance from simplicity.


Pomp and circumstance are a constancy in Esther’s life: no matter her money is not what was in the past, she try to take beauty, elegance and elan for each and every moment. In school, she demands discipline, but offers in exchange erudition and good place for education. Also she’s very tolerant: no matter the kind of people, as long she’s well-behaved, will be respected and helped by Esther.


Madam Esther Sheridan came from England in the end of 1890. No one knows why she came, and there’s lots of gossip about the reasons she came to America. The fact she’s linked with the Century Club don’t help: many believes that the Club is a weird kind of cult.

Esther don’t care, because she knows by her heart why she came: to maintain, with Club’s help, and orphanage and boarding school, from where she could find some of the 20th Century Spirits and teach them their roles (and maybe use them to recover Shadows from their dark path).

But the more incredible was when she received a letter from a preacher from a backwater township in New Mexico, about the Last Will from a dame that gave birth for a child into tragic circumstances in January 1st, 1901.

Her name: Jeniffer Cartway, née McCoulaugh.

She had no time or right to get herself into a better emotional stance, when recognized the name of an old friend from the England’s Boarding School, a vibrant and intelligent woman that came to America as long she finished school.

Esther got into train and made the thousand miles train voyage to New Mexico, where she got into the little Township, where she got with the preacher the little kid. By her eyes, Esther knew: she found one of the 20th Century Spirits.

When she got back to the Orphan’s House, the little girl grown with the other kids, without any extra rights. So, she developed lots of knowledge and skills to interact with them, making that everyone (including herself) did their best in everything: the cookie profits was always the best; the Christmas Cantatas was always beautiful and profitable; and everything was very goo, with lots of importance on her, that she shared with the other kids.

It was when, some months ago, she decided to talk with Melissa about the Century Club: as all the kids in Melissa’s age was receiving some teaching outside the Boarding School (almost everyone via the Club’s Outer Circle), the time has come to Melissa to learn and take her role with this Century.

And, if Esther can do this, she’ll do this with all elegance and elan!