Amanda Wesker

A Sample Character for Nest - A World of Adventure

This character follow the Character Creation rules from Fate Core, including the specific things from Nest.

Living in a neighborhood of boys, Amanda Wesker needed to learn how to “survive” without turning “into one of the boys”. However, she was never a Girly girl: she was so mischievous than any of her friends, and also played baseball and soccer very well. And when it was needed, she could be better than any boy into somethings, like going into houses to get back the balls or get over into a tree to snatch some apples or other fruits.

Her secret is that she learned so much of this as the Sneakiest Lady-Thief from Epoch, a Heroine of Nest, where she learned all this things while recovering treasures from greedy dragons and nasty viziers, and having her little sect of followers. At the same time, she learned all the tricks of the court and so, being a well-mannered, if somewhat mischievous, courtesan.

As all the other Heroes of Nest, she grown up and somewhat left Nest behind, but for her Nest is a very vivid thing, as it still inspires her, her old-time dreams filling her with inspiration for her job as a faerie book illustrator, which she turned into after getting a major in Arts with minors in Education and Computing. She even works time after time with his childhood friend Matheus, that she knows have a crush on her. But she is waiting for him to give the first step and ask her for some engagement. She knows he was in Nest, as she illustrated his not published The Book of the Rabbitest Know-It-All Master, a pseudo-_memoir_ of his alter-ego in Nest.

And there’s a chapter about the Sneakiest Lady-Thief from Epoch there.


Kind Aspect
Heroic Concept: Sneakiest Lady-Thief from Epoch
Mundane Life: Tomboy turned faerie artist and illustrator
Hook: Nest is as real as she can remember
  The difference between men and boys is the price of the toys
  “Matheus should give the first step!”


Level Skill Skill Skill Skill
Great (+4) Crafts      
Good (+3) Burglary Athletics    
Fair (+2) Deceive Notice Investigate  
Average (+1) Empathy Rapport Lore Will

Stunts (not at start)

Talisman (to be recovered)

The Lady-Thief Scarf

A peace of very thin cloth that changes it’s color and stamps accordingly the possessor’s humor, The Lady-Thief Scarf is The Scarf that can snare the senses. The Scarf can be used as a way to do a lot of tricks for thiefing and hiding into shadows or other locations