Jiminy Cricket

A Genetically Modified Mastermind Child for Daring Comics


Concept: Genetically Modified Runaway “Kid”-to-be-turned weapon
Motivation: “I’ll fight for justice and discover my past!”
Inner Strenght: “They’ll not take me back to that lab!”
Core Values: Childish naïve sense of justice
Flaw Brilliant Mind with fuzzy, incomplete, unreliable memories
Complication: Disability (Child - 8-year)
Complication: Weakness: Information Dependancy


Superb (+5) Knowledge Technology      
Great (+4) Will Rapport Resources    
Good (+3) Investigate Notice Empathy    
Fair (+2) Treatment Provoke Vehicles    
Average (+1) Athletics Leadership Physique Stealth Thief


Power Set - Project Name: Jiminy Cricket


The first memory Jiminy can talk about is from the lab:

The smell of bleach and almost blinding white.

The kindergarden-like room.

All the computers and things he was put in front, to learn, and absorb like a spounge, all the knowledge.

He never knew why he was there, even where is his parents (considering he had ones, because he can’t remember). He could not remember about his birthday and so on.

All he could say is: he were be “grown” to be a weapon. The kind of, he never knew.

In his heart, somehow, there was a rebel flame, saying him: “GET OUT FROM THIS HELL!!!”

He had the chance when a power surge disabled his “cradle” (as his captors called the room where he always stayed). He just catch the first clothes he could and ran away. Curiously, he discovered why those clothes where the kind it was: he was codenamed by his captors Jiminy Cricket, from Pinocchio’s fame. The dossier he took with him said his powers were to be used to help troops at war fronts by coordinating his moves and to weaken the enemies’ will by “calling to their heart”.

Jiminy choose to take this as name (or at least as nickname) and to use his powers to (first) make a living somewhat, (second) fight for peace and (third) discover about his own past.

Jiminy is nowadays living into places he locates anonymously, doing some jobs to provide him money (normally working as IT consultant, but just online) and helps him to feed himself with information, which he desesperatly take on any form. He still uses just childish clothes, as his body looks like locked into an “always infant” mode. He normally dresses as Disney’s Jiminy Cricket. He is very smart, educated and philosophical, but many times he gets itself into tantrums, as he’s not totally grown-up emotionally.

He uses Jiminy Cricket as name for two reasons: (1) he don’t remember his real name (if he had one) and (2) ironically this is a very common nickname at Internet, which make him somewhat difficult to be found.


Leanna Kinsdale

Came into contact with Jiminy after some investigations and discovered his secret, and now is almost a mother to him, for the good or the ill. Jiminy somewhat works for her, filtering and discovering data for her


Jiminy discovered Miko online while investigating for his past, when she “ran away” from their creators. Even Jiminy don’t know, but Miko is an AI, although she has profiles everywhere in the net.

Project Name: Tinkerbell

Part of other experiments from the same group, she had magical powers implanted into her. She ran away in the same event of Jiminy. She can’t speak with people she’s not acquintance. She likes Jiminy into more ways he thinks

Mother Goose

The secretive commander of the Toybox, a crazy kaballah of scientist that develops theories that warps science and mystics, mingling them together, no know knows exactly what she wants. However, fact is, whatever she wants, she wants BADLY, and there’s no limits on the resources and means she’ll deploy for obtaining what she wants.

Tor Lyundberg

Tor is an IT Specialist and Detective for ICC at Hague. Before this, was a national investigator at Norway. He survived lots of encounters with superhumans and the lot, and discovered Jiminy when investigating some money laundry schemes that Jiminy was also investigating. He works as a mentor and, ironically, conscience voice for Jiminy when he goes overboard. He also works with some superhumans teams linked with the ICC.


An organization that exists since the Humanity Dawn (or they think so), the Toybox is a crazy kaballah of scientists of all kinds, mystics, and henchmen that only exist for power. They recurs on everything to achieve power: magic, science, money, scheming, assassination… There’s no limits for them. They are very progressive into technology and so, but they are very conservative in structure, and even into terminology: from the footmen to Mother Goose, they speak like they came out from fairy tales or Aesop’s Fables


The enigmatic real main force into Toybox, this man (or woman, or whatever) doesn’t want power for domination or destruction or everything. He just wants power because reasons. He’s almost as crazy as Mother Goose, but there’s method into his madness. No one knows who he really is, but looks like he’s a shapeshifter, although he have the same big, crooked nose and wrinked-skinned fingers into any of his form. Some says that he’s a superb shapeshifter, but he likes to play cat-and-mouse with those he wants to scare or harm, so the crooked nose and wrinked fingers were deliberated maintained as this when he wants.