Marcellus “Malakar” Alatriste - Spirit of Fantasy


Type Aspect
High Concept A boy full of dreas, many of them that can be true
Trouble Totally over the clouds
  “Hey, I want to see (and hear, and talk) this story!”
  “And it was so that happened…“ - always go for the most fantastic solution
  If we dream togheter, it can be true - Blessed by Aesop


*Approach Level
Careful Mediocre (+0)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Bom (+3)
Forceful Average (+1)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Fair (+2)

Centurion Stunt

Common Stunts [ Refresh: 2 ]


Marcellus is a very uncommon looking kid: hay colored hair into a traditional haircut, green eyes, a little skinny, but with an elegant cut. He is always impeccably well-dressed no matter what.


Marcellus looks like (and is) somewhat out of reality. But take this as a Peter Pan Syndrome, you didn’t understood him: he’s clever and very aware of what’s happening. He just likes to find the most inspiring, fantastic, out-of-box, uncommon sollution.


Marcellus is from a family with great tradition in the racounteurs, storyteller, circus, vaudeville, theater and all kinds of storytelling. His father has blood from the first King Lear, and her mother can track his ancestor to the Comedia Dell’Arte.

When Marcellus was born a little after the End of Year presentation, when 20th Century was born from the ashes of 19th Century, they felt in their hearts the blessings of Aesop, Thalia, Melpomen, Clio and all the Muses amd Deities and Patron Saints for arts and artistes.

This was shown as true very soon: when he was two, he already learned how to read. With three, debuted into stage. With five, already was rehearsing for important roles.

It was when his family was found by that weird man called Aesop, that said that Marcellu should be sent to the Century Club, a society of gentlemen and women that is focused into mankind’s evolution, to be tuteled. He wasn’t in the club himself, but he had very important contacts into the Club that could teach hum and work son Marcellus could develop his talents and put them at work as much as possible.

And so, Malakar (his stage name) started to get into his own story. His own tale. His own Fable.