Nicola Castrogiovanni - Spirit of Optimism

The Spirit of Optimism for Young Centurions!


Type Aspect
High Concept Over-Optimistic, almost naïve, Circus Boy Orphan
Trouble Second, Third, Fourth… As many chances as needed
  Don Cagliostro looks for me
  “That ugly, smelly bully of foster brother I had”
  The Scapulary of My Mother and the Casquette of my Father


Approach Level
Careful Good (+3)
Clever Average (+1)
Flashy Fair (+2)
Forceful Mediocre (+0)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Fair (+2)

Centurion Stunts

Other Stunts


Nicola looks as a somewhat chubby, although strong, Italian-blooded kid, between 10 and 12. He has a mix of dirty and strawberry blonde hair, and some tufts of ginger. He have red-blushed chin and a petite nose, and freckles. He dress somewhat like a newsie, a simple shirt-and-trousers combo, with the only things he still have from his deceased parents still with him: a Holy Mother scapulary (from his mother) and a red-checkered casquette that looks a little oversized in his head (from his father).


Nicola is a very kind-hearted kid and there’s no bad time with him: he’s that kind of kid that, even after being sprayed by a skunk, thrashed by a bully, put into the garbage bin, hitted by rotten tomatoes and stinky sewer, and left under a storm rain he still coult say “I’m all right, thank you”. He has a cheerful behavior and is very well-mannered, a smile always in his face.


Nicola’s parents died a little after his birth, when they came to US. Since them, he was living from foster home to another. For some reason, even he being very well-mannered and well-behaviored, all their foster parents hate them. Perhaps the fact he liked to care for stray dogs (and left them go when they’re healthy again), or because he shared his school lunch with the local hoboes, or even by the fact he came with some apples, books or new clothes as by sheer luck, but all their foster home had kicked him.

In fact, in the last one those kickings were as literal as literal can be: his foster brother was a very great bully that (with some conivence from his parents) trashed the crap out from Nicola every day. This until the day the circus came to the city, and Nicola found the biggest Mentalist from all time, Don Cagliostro. Nicola thought that run with the circus would be a better thing for him and for his foster family (less a mouth to feed and so). And he chosed to go with the circus.

When he was found by the circus crew, Don Cagliostro (in fact, Frederick Van Der Merwe, a half-boer, half-english South-Africa born magician and mentalist) had taken him and took the responsibility to teach and care for Nicola (unknowlingly for both, because of Nicola’s powers as a Spirit of Optimism). Nicola very fast had learned some basic chores in the circus and also had learned some acts as a clown, magician and other circus acts.

Nicola still don’t know too much about the Century Club and so, but Don (as he calls his mentor) shown him enough to understand that his destiny is bigger than he knows.

And he knows that, in the end, everything will be fine.