Terrance Choi

A Sample Character for Nest - A World of Adventure

This character follow the Character Creation rules from Fate Core, including the specific things from Nest.

One of the Asian guys in the neighborhood, Terrance was seen either as a nerdy guy and as a ninja. Not that this was totally false, as he was a Hero of Nest, the Master Monk from the Eagle Peak, a mountain chain in Epoch where he “grew”, using his dreams as a way to “practice” and find excellence into the Mantis Kung-Fu his family teaches. When he “get out” Nest, he grew up into one of the main trainers for those interested into Kung-Fu, and even some UFC and Mixed-Martial Arts fighters came here to learn some of this.

However, in his heart, he is a more simple guy: he likes simple food, his animals (two dogs and a cat), and caring for some tranquil hobbies, like Go playing, Bonsai caring and Sumi-e (japanese calligraphy) writing. And, day after day, he grows melancholic about those simple time into Nest. Only his close friends, like Amanda, Celine and so, can talk with him about amenities. But he never said for any of them about Nest…


Kind Aspect
Heroic Concept: Master Monk from the Eagle Peak
Mundane Life: Kung-Fu lineage heir, teacher and academy owner
Hook: A growing melancholy in his heart
  Simple pastimes for a complex mind
  “Friends are better than gold”


Level Skill Skill Skill Skill
Great (+4) Athletics      
Good (+3) Fight Will    
Fair (+2) Shoot Notice Empathy  
Average (+1) Deceive Rapport Lore Crafts

Stunts (not at start)

Talisman (to be recovered)

The Robe of the Weapons Master

A Robe done with a light fabric, it could look for the untrained eye as a simple monk robe, but in fact he is The Robe that Holds All Weapons. Disputed by many Heroes of Nest during the time, the Robe of the Weapons Master is a robe that is prized by its effect of providing those who wear it with any needed weapon as long the robe is worn.