The Obsidian City

In the middle of the Chalk Desert, and visible as a bleak scar in the Wildlands, the Obsidian City is an outpost of evil and decadence in the middle of the Wildlands. The city was before one of the greatest centers of trade in the Demiurge Era, but after the Demiurge’s demise, the Masters had pillaged the city and left it for their lieutenants. Paradoxically, the fact is that The Masters chosen to left the City by their own after took from it what they wanted.

Nowadays, a Council of Nine of the most powerful Master’s lieutenant stabilished in the Obsidian City govern the city. The Obsidian City, as the Fartime Monastery, is an Elysium… Somewhat. In fact, only the forces of the City’s Black Maces, the local Constable can enforce “law” and use violence. However, the Maces are as corrupt and ruthless as their masters and the blood of the innocents lathe the darkest corner’s floor.

But the most terrible detail on the City is that in the Obsidian City, everything has a price: weapons, slaves, mercenaries… Life and Death. Everything can be sold or bought, from weapons to lives in the Obsidian City, you just need where to go.

And there’s the foulest market in Umdaar is there: the Soul Market, the biggest slave market in Umdaar, maintained by Kalvarr, the Rogue, a sneaky guy that knows the boots to lick and the butts to kick to maintain his power and wealth, as he controls the slave market in the Obsidian City, even having his own militia, made of some local scoundrels and mercenaries.

The Obsidian City, however, has also space for the Archeonauts and the resistence of the Valleys of Light: in the City lives Astheroth, the Wise, one of the oldest Archeonauts, a wise man that lives under a mask of a trader while obtains information about the Masters’ next steps to repass to the Valleys. Astheroth by himself is powerful: some says that he is a powerful Runekeeper and had discovered more than Artifacts: he had studied and mastered some old Demiurge knowledge to mold the reality around him. Even the Council and Kalvarr don’t mess with Astheroth, and Astheroth don’t mess (at least directly) with the Council.

The Obsidian City is, after all, a place where those who can avoid will do, and those who need to do business stays only as far as needed.