Asimov Type

One the most weird kind of breakthrough that the Event gave us is the Asimov. Asimovs are basically non-corporeal (or at least artificially corporeal) non-human intelligences that came over via other’s breakthrough (normally from Vernes) and get some kind of independence.

In common, all the Asimovs has the following characteristics:

Invokes and Compels

Asimovs normally Invoke their Power Aspects to reflect their accomplishment with machines and technological systems, to control or access systems easily and to use them to gather needed information or change date.

However, Asimovs are known by their non-human quirks, from the perky to the dangerous. And this is the main way to Compel Asimovs’ Power Aspect: to reflect their weirdness with human thinking and occasional absence of logic and to act logically when this is not a good thing.

Asimovs also can be compelled on their Power Aspects to restrict them to do some actions because of some hardwired definitions. As the Power Aspect can’t change, also the actions can’t. However, they can create “exceptions” via other Aspects (like Zeroth Law of Robotics)

Power Skill: Interface

Some Asimov has the capacity to hook themselves into technological gear or systems, via connections or any other kind of way. For them, to do this is second nature: they don’t need even to “think” on it, just think on do this. To reflect this, they (some of them at leat) should buy the Interface Power Skill, reflecting the velocity and flexibility of their hook up ability. He can almost everything inside a System, however outside systems it’s not too much useful.

Power Stunts

Asimovs can take some Stunts from Vernes, Projector, Ajax and Atlas types. However, they have their own very important stunts.

Power Class Requirement

Asimovs are qualified based on their Discernment + Extra Cores: +6 for D-Class, +7 for C-Class, +8 for B-Class, +9 for A-Class. For this, if the Asimov has Privilege Escalation, he sums a level


The main kind of Asimovs are the Robots, Asimovs created with (or held into) artificial, mecanical bodies. Like AX-12, created by a group of Vernes from Japan. Some of them are themselves Sentai, like Garudan, a Metal Hero created by the deceased Verne Hero Kabunashi Mashida replicating his beloved nephew, Shigeru, consciousness.

AIs or TRONs are also somewhat common Asimovs that don’t have a body per se, living on some kind of gear. Normally they have Privilege Escalation and Multitask and they have some kind of interface to communicate with external world. TRON is the main known one, a AI that works like a cyber-vigilante kicking terrorist groups from the internet as fast as he can.

Gray Goos are Asimovs that have an artificial body with nanomachines that allows them to morph their body in level that even A-Class Metamorphs could not, and/or can split their bodies like Reduxes. They are dangerous because they are faster than lighting into ther morphing and they are very difficult to destroy, because they have their own systems distributed into their bodies. Salamander was a very special case, a monster created by a crazy Verne that bring terror to Europe until some local people destroyed as much of them as possible. Some of the remaining parts of it was separated all around the world, putting in places they could not repair themselves.

Netrunners are a weird kind, counted barely into Asimovs, as they are normally more like Vernes. However, they constructed lots of tech stuff and replaced parts of their own bodies by this, turning in somewhat half-Asimovs. The most known one is Banter, a kind of cyber-Robin Hood, a Cause Villain that robs preferably commercial secrets from great companies to give it to the ones who could bring them most harm.

Another weird kind are the Marionetti, or Pinocchios. Although not exactly the same as Asimov, they count into them because they are not exactly “alive”. As Asimov are “created” by Vernes, Marionetti are “created” by Merlins. Somewhat they are good one, but the bad ones are really bad. And as they are created by Merlins, they can do things neither Merlins neither Vernes (and so, no one) could believe it’s possible. The most known is Elaise, a little cute doll that was “cursed” when a Merlin put a psychopath’s mind on it. Now she’s hunted by killing at least 10 families in the US. No one knows where Elaise can be, as she can stays like a doll for months, just waiting to get her new victims.

And the last kind of variation on Asimov are the Singulars: Singulars are Vernes (or people induced by Vernes) whose consciousness was somewhat “uploaded” into systems, getting the same kind of capabilities of Asimovs. In fact, some Singulars are more like TRONs than the “common” Asimovs. Dr. Mitch Ostenhagen was the first Singular, uploading his mind exactly when his computer rebooted after the Event, to avoid being killed by a jet falling over his research center. Known now as Singular, he works with almost all the superteams, from DSA to HWB, providing them some info he found aboult the worst supervillains. He also has a “new” body where he’s now “downloaded” and lives somewhere in San Francisco’s Castro.