The Chocolate Egg Factory

Request for Aid

The Company arrives at a Village in the middle of a valley, surrounded by a typically beautiful Enchanted Forest. The Village lays near to a mountain, from which comes a smoke as if it were a volcano or as if there were a chimney.

The village are made of garish colored, beautiful houses. It is noticeable the intense trade, as it’s near a river and to the path that leads to the Valley exit, from where caravans of merchants come and go, taking advantage of the village as a trading outpost among themselves without the need to go to the Near Kingdoms.

One curious thing the Company will notice is that you can’t find cocoa or chocolate anywhere in the Village. The villagers will explain that this is not normal, not at all, as the famous Easter Egg Chocolate Factory is in a burrow under the Egg Mountain (the mountain where they could see the chimney). The smoke from the top is small for the time of year, and many of the villagers miss the activity of the Rabbits, since many of the villagers are themselves chocolatiere that worked for the Easter Bunny at those times, many learned the craft with the Rabbits or even with Easter Bunny itself.

The characters will then be sought by one of the Egg Factory Rabbits, who will take them to it: they will realize that, despite the small proportions, they can walk normally through the Factory.

The factory is huge, carved into more than half of the Mountain internals: one of the Valley’s natural waterfalls has been pulled from its course to feed the watermill which supplies power to the machinery, and part of the water is used into the boilers for the Chocolate conching and for other needs.

However the Company can see that the Rabbits are flabebrgasted, but not because of activity, quite the opposite: the lack of activity is making them touchy of such anxiety!

Then they are taken to a room that looks like the Factory’s control room, where they see a Bit Rabbit, with snowy fur, albino eyes and a small pink button of a leathery nose at the tip of the muzzle. He wears clothes as if he was a human, in a way that resembles the Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit. However, the characters will find that he looks a bit sick: his long ears are floppy and the characters may notice that his chees are not pinkish, as it should be, but rather green, as if he had eaten something that made him gone queasy!


“You must know about the Easter Egg tradition: every year I travel all around the Kingdoms, hiding chocolate eggs during the Easter season. This year, however, I’m not feeling very well. I think someone put some kind of poison on my food that made me sick, and I will not get well enough until the time I shoud hide our chocolate eggs. And, if that were not enough, I discovered that someone stole my Cookbook and cutted my chocolate supply lines, by robbing the caravans! Who could be doing this, I don’t know, but I believe that would be someone really selfish, to want too much to have all my chocolate eggs only for himself.”

  • Problem: Not only did the Easter Bunny fail to make eggs because of the raw material shortage, and he had the recipe cookbook stolen, but also something or someone managed to put him sick!
  • Solution: Recover the Cookbook, get the raw material and ready the Easter eggs!
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Weird Pawprints?

Stamps: Pen, Tree, Lotus

“Hello, Pilgrims from the Flying Temple!

My name is Masha, and I live on a beautiful planet called Easter! We are known all around the Many Worlds as the planet with the largest population of rabbits and hares all around! In fact, they are our biggest product!

_ Every year, during a certain week, there is a chocolate eggs hunt that show out of nowhere at night. Every day, during week, we hunt for the eggs that appears from the thin air during the previous night. Every night, our parents tell us to stay indoors._

In the last Egg Hunt week, I think I’ve seem a strange creature in the Forest near the house, and I saw strange footprints in the field and in the street. I took some photos from the footprints with my cell phone as a proof.

The Adults says that the Great Rabbit is a lie, a ploy they use when you are small, but I really believe it really exists! Even more, the photo I have of the footprints does not resemble those of an adult! I could tell otherwise!

Anyway, the Egg Hunt Week is coming, so I hope you guys come for it! If not for nothing, the chocolate eggs are delicious, the best chocolate you could even eat. And, besides, you can get some beautiful things done with the best rabbit fur you’ll ever see!

From your friend,


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Aventura Pronta - A Corrida Pelos Ovos de Páscoa

Uma aventura de Páscoa para Fair Leaves

Cena 1 - A preparação

A primavera começa a dar sinais de estar chegando em Fair Leaves, e com ela, além das flores e da grama verdejante ainda úmida do orvalho do degelo do inverno, vem a tradicional Caçada aos Ovos de Chocolate na Páscoa, mantida pelos senhores e senhoras da Associação Cultural de Fair Leaves, uma tradição de festejos que vem da época da Fundação, sendo que alguns dizem que ela foi imposta pelo Patriarca dos Bieberaus à época, Antonin Bieberaus.

Todos estão em polvorosa, já que isso quer dizer, em especial, muitos e muitos doces, quase tanto quanto no Halloween! E a Turma não poderia ficar atrás, assim como todas as crianças da Escola do Senhor Goatzeit, que estão só na expectativa de comerem chocolate até se acabarem.

Entretanto, isso também trás uma coisa bem chata: aguentar o pavonear do garoto mais chato da cidade, Richard McHog. Ele gosta de lembrar a todos que um dos principais patrocinadores da Associação, e portanto da Caçada, é seu pai, o senhor Lemont McHog. E ele vai usar isso para esfregar na cara de todo mundo o quanto ele puder sobre a riqueza dos McHog, que são donos de metade de Fair Leaves, e querem comprar a outra metade.

Todos começam a mencionar tradições Natalinas, e esse é um momento onde pode ocorrer um roleplay bem interessante, em especial se você quiser colocar algum Geninho do grupo contra a parede, talvez oferecendo um Ponto de Destino para que os demais o considerem muito chato por ficar demonstrando em excesso seus conhecimentos.

De qualquer modo, as coisas vão cada vez mais ficando empolgantes…

… até à noite antes da Caçada.

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